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What better way to instill in your children a respect for nature and a lifelong love of the great outdoors than by introducing them to Bancroft Eagles Nest Park through a number of family friendly activities.  We encourage you to take the time to hike a different trail each time you visit as the park has a variety of different ecosystems to offer.  Don’t forget to post a photo of your visit on our Facebook page at Bancroft Eagles Nest Park!


Family Friendly Ideas for Enjoying Bancroft Eagles Nest Park With Children

Children of all ages can learn about the natural environment around them and the need to respect it. These suggested activities can be adjusted to the age of your child. The important opportunity is to give your child the time to experience the beauty of the forest and to help them become more observant of the natural things around them. These early experiences will ensure future generations will become good stewards of Bancroft Eagles Nest Park.


  1. Take a different hike every time you visit so you and your children can learn about all Eagles Nest Park has to offer. Bring along a picnic lunch or snack to enjoy in the great outdoors.
  2. Make your next hike a “Tree Identification Hike”. Bring along a reputable forest guide and teach your children how to identify all the different types of trees in the park by looking at the bark and the leaves of trees, and feeling the texture of the bark. For a simple identification hike, pick up one of our park brochures and refer to the challenge or check out the “Eco-Challenge” on one of the main kiosks by the parking area.
  3. Help your children find all the points they know in Bancroft from the view on the Hawkwatch platform.
  4. Take a walk along the Gerry Whyte Plant Identification Trail to learn more about plants found in the park.
  5. Take a hike to Brethour Lake along the Christy Trail to introduce your children to how the Algonquin people considered these Northern Peat Bogs a “garden”.
  6. Point out evidence of the work of beavers at Brethour Lake.
  7. Print the Scavenger Hunt Bingo from our website and provide assistance as per your child’s age level in achieving a BINGO, or perhaps completing the entire card!
  8. Bring your child’s attention to not only things they may see but also encourage them to use their other senses. Are their birds singing? Can you hear the sound the wind makes in the trees? Can you smell pine trees or perhaps decaying leaves on the forest floor? Can you feel the difference between the bark of a red pine tree compared to a birch tree?



Download PDF - Eagles Nest Park Scavenger Hunt Bingo


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Answers to Quiz in Our Brochure


Can you identify the following trees from their bark?

1. Birch

2. American Beech

3. Red Pine


Can you identify the following trees from the shape of their leaves?

1. Red Oak

2. White Ash

3. Hard Maple (Sugar Maple)


Can you identify the following birds from their silhouettes?

1. Grosbeak (Rose-Breasted or Evening)

2. Pine Warbler

2. Broad-Winged Hawk

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